Lenticular Clothing

Lenticular Clothing

About Lenticular Clothing 

Lenticular Clothing printed by Imaging Excellence 2.0

Lenticular clothing can be a new way for you to promote your company and make it recognizable, different, and easy to remember.

Our service offers you everything that you’ve been looking for – quality, effective marketing, and the privilege to be well known and unforgettable once seen.

People tend to memorize unusual things around them – we offer you the opportunity to become unusual in a good way!

Why Lenticular Clothing?

Lenticular Clothing example printed by Imaging Excellence 2.0

Remember the following words: walking lenticular billboards! You choose the image or the message you want to send and we will print it onto clothes – T-shirts, shirts, hats, jackets, and masks. It’s the perfect way to advertise your company or organization – it’s called wearable lenticular! It’s quite effective if used correctly. The final results are mesmerizing and unique – pictures and words that float, move or transform under different angles. 

The Benefits of Lenticular Clothing

People that are your potential clients will see clothes that promote you in a unique way everywhere they go, and they will become curious about your company and the things that you do.  

Converts more
Let’s be real – if you’re looking at a simple ad and an ad that has a special effect on it, which one of them will get more attention from you? The answer would be – the one that’s moving, right? The same goes for the lenticular print vs. the regular one. The one that stands out more is the lenticular one, and will always get more attention, especially if printed on clothes because it would be quite unusual. 

Makes you stand out
As a company, you’re looking for a way to stand out in business. This is a great opportunity to achieve just that. You will be different, you can be everywhere and best of all you will be promoted on the go!

Benefits for Agencies
As we previously said, lenticular prints are noticed and remembered, which means more sales for the brand which is being marketed. If you are a marketing agency, that’s good for your company too, because besides your client getting brand awareness and amplified message delivery with this unique marketing method, your company will get credited for creating this modern and effective solution. That means more clients for each party involved. 

Why choose our lenticular printing services on clothes?

We are experts in what we do we offer you a fully professional experience and we can also offer tips and advice on effect, designs, ideas about promotion – and we will also answer every question you have. 

Quality and speed we produce great work, quietly so that you have your order ready on time. Quality vs. quantity doesn’t apply to us – we have them both!

Customizable  we work with your images to produce a lenticular effect that is unique to you. 

Shipments Our Toronto location has us in a great location to ship across Canada and throughout the United States. We ship to the United States regularly, without any customs or cross-border shipping issues.

Before you order

Lenticular printing is expensive in small quantities, so our MOQ for Lenticular Clothing transfers is 100 pieces (for a size of 7″ x 5″), which will cost approximately $1,280. This cost is for the Lenticular transfers only and does not include the cost of the garments, nor the cost of applying the transfers to the garments. The per-unit pricing comes down nicely with higher quantities and more versions.

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