Lenticular Poster Printing

Lenticular Poster Printing

Lenticular Poster Printing

Wait, what? Did that picture just change?!

An Example of Lenticular Printing

“Hold on, look, the poster seems to be moving when I move! Wow! What does it say, let me take a closer look…”

How great would it be if your customers responded like this to your advertising materials? 

Most people don’t even notice ordinary printed posters because they have static content that doesn’t entice the viewer. So how do we change this, and move your marketing materials to the next level?

May we present: Lenticular Posters by Imaging Excellence 2.0! 

Amaze your prospects with Lenticular Posters

Lenticular printing is a print technology where highly precise lenses are used to produce printed images giving the effect of depth or motion when viewed from different angles.

This printing method brings uniqueness to the presentation of your messages by allowing you to use and present more than one image on the same poster. You can do posters as 2-image or 3-image flips, multiple-image animation/video sequences, 3D, or a combination 3D-with-flip. 

We will combine your images to ensure that the end product provides the WOW! factor that will grab your customers’ attention.

Why choose Lenticular Posters?

Lenticular posters are phenomenal tools when advertising products that can benefit from displaying motion, displaying before-and-after photos, or displaying a product in a 3D-like space. The type of products or services that can benefit from this type of marketing is truly endless. 

Imagine how effective an image of your product flipping with different colour options would be; or a before-and-after renovation upgrade; or multiple images from a new art exhibition; or a 3D poster of a new movie release; all of which will engage your prospect or consumer – the more they are engaged with your marketing, the greater the likelihood of them becoming a customer!

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