Lenticular Printing

Lenticular Printing

About Lenticular Printing

An Example of Lenticular PrintingLenticular printing is a print technology where lenticular lenses are used to produce printed images giving the illusion of depth or motion when viewed from different angles of the image.

The lenticular lens has a series of ridges that are called lenticules – we put a slice of each image behind each lenticule, and the lenticules hide all the images, except the one you are viewing.

Then, as you tilt the lens, or move past it, the lenticules hide the first image and reveal the next one. Lenticular printing is different from a hologram – holograms are the hidden, ghosted images printed on foil material that you typically see on a credit card, whereas lenticular images are fully visible.

‘Lenticular’ is the generic term that encompasses a number of different effects, such as flip-images, motion, 3D, and morphs.

The Benefits of Lenticular Printing for Your Marketing

✔ Lenticular Printing is “EYE-CATCHING”
Grab your customer’s attention as they initially see one image and then another as they pass by! The research shows that we all see approximately 1,500 marketing messages every day – if you are going to add to that total, Lenticular imaging can make yours one they’ll remember.

✔ Improve customer response
Lenticular Direct Mail receives a much higher response from customers because of the dynamic impression of motion. The more time the recipient looks at your piece, the greater the chance they will be impacted and moved to action.

✔ Increase in sales and revenue
Implementation of lenticular print materials from your customers will lead to increased sales and revenues. Does Lenticular cost more? Of course, it does, but the marketing equation is about results, not costs. Use Lenticular printing to stand out from the crowd.

✔ Get ahead of your competitors
Lenticular printing’s unique effect and WOW! factor will help your print materials that differentiate you from your competitors.

✔ Improved performance
With all of these advantages taken into account, lenticular advertising concepts and techniques offer you a spot on the map by increasing your visibility as well as influence.

Why Choose Our Lenticular Printing Services?

We will offer our expertise as you design your lenticular images – to help you decide what images / flips will work well to achieve the maximum impact of your print materials.

Each project has its own unique image combinations that need to be analyzed to maximize the desired lenticular effect.

Our Toronto location has us in a great location to ship across Canada and throughout the United States. We ship to the United States regularly, without any customs or cross-border shipping issues.

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