• 5X the Stopping Power with Flipping and 3D Images
    The main task of a standard print advertisement has always been to attract the attention of passers-by and for them to notice and read the advertising material.
  • Lenticular Printing in Los Angeles!
    This was certainly a motion Lenticular! We placed a lenticular mural on both sides of a Double-Decker bus that drove around Los Angeles for a month! We had 3 areas of the graphics in motion
  • How to really break through the advertising noise
    We produced a 12-page brochure for a car company that needed to grab consumers’ attention. We tipped an 8-image flip lenticular card to the front cover of the brochure that showed the northern
  • Retail POP Solution
    We recently produced a Lenticular Shelf Talker for a client…they wanted to place some form of POP in the 16,000 retail locations where their products are sold that would convey to consumers the
  • Now you see it; now you don’t!
    Lego asked us to produce a mall poster that would make consumers take a second look (and third, and fourth)…when you first looked at the poster, you could see the Lego character in the forest scene, but after taking three steps to the left or right, the character disappeared!

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