Custom Lenticular Postcard Printing

Custom Lenticular Postcard Printing

The Power of Lenticular Postcards

Wait, what? Did that picture just change?!

Custom Lenticular Postcards

Custom Lenticular Postcards represent a technological evolution of regular postcards, flyers, or brochures, introducing pictures that flip as the viewer changes the angle of viewing, creating interest and drawing crucial attention.

What better way to show a before-and-after image or a then-and-now image?

Lenticular Postcards and Product Cards are the most versatile marketing tools available – they can be mailed, handed out at trade shows & events, placed in product shipments and given out by salespeople.

A multiple-image-flip postcard attracts attention – once the recipient looks at the postcard and notices that something is moving or has an animated sequence, they can’t help but be curious and engaged; and an engaged viewer is one step closer to becoming a customer!

There are multiple effects that can be applied to your lenticular postcards including 2-image or 3-image flips, multiple-image animation/video sequences, 3D, or a combination 3D-with-flip.

The lenticular effect on this physical, tangible marketing tool is invaluable – it has a greater likelihood of being kept and viewed multiple times!

Need Custom Lenticular Postcards?

Fully Customized

No problem, we produce fully customized lenticular postcards. Make your still images come to life by using innovative custom lenticular features – whether it is a 2-image flip or a 15-image motion sequence, go beyond the norm to produce the most impressive image movement experience imaginable.

Tailored to Your Specific Needs

We do not carry in-stock, generic lenticular printed pieces; every job we produce is specifically customized, just for your needs. We can offer assistance and guidance in the execution of your vision for your brand; our team can meet your specific requirements and turn your postcards into an attention-grabbing piece of art.

Unleash Your Creativity

Don’t let yourself be limited by what you have already seen. Using our Custom Lenticular Printing Services will allow you to let your creativity go wild, use your imagination, and bring new, unique ideas to your advertising materials. There are always new ways to showcase your brand and your promotions.

Custom Formats and Sizes

Whether you are seeking a specific size – small, medium, large, or a custom format – or seeking to highlight specific images or typographic colors and effects, our Custom Lenticular Printing Service will help you achieve your vision and allow you to showcase your promotional items as you’ve never done before.

If you want to continue to spend your money on standard printed postcards that most people don’t notice, go right ahead; but if you want a marketing piece that gets noticed, try a Lenticular Postcard by Imaging Excellence 2.0!

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