Lenticular Postcards

About Lenticular Postcards

Lenticular postcards are a simple but oh, so effective marketing tool! What better way to show a before-and-after image, or a then-and-now image?

A multiple-image flip postcard gets noticed – once the recipient looks at the postcard and notices that there is something moving, or that there’s an animated sequence, they can’t help but be curious and engaged; and an engaged viewer offers a significantly improved opportunity for that person to become a customer!

You can do postcards as 2-image or 3-image flips, multiple-image animation/video sequences, 3D, or a combination 3D-with-flip.

If you want to continue to spend your money on standard printed postcards that most people don’t notice, go right ahead; but if you want a marketing piece that gets noticed, try a lenticular postcard!

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