Lenticular Cups

Lenticular Cups

Why Lenticular Cups?

Lenticular Cups in Lenticular Printing

Do you know how often people come in contact with a cup (coffee, tea, or other) on a daily basis? One statistic tells us that “Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day” and another says “Among coffee drinkers, the average consumption in the United States is 3 cups of coffee per day.”

 It is a huge market, and the cup is a great marketing tool that is very present in the daily life of every person. All this makes it very tempting to use this tool to attract the attention of potential customers.

Many people are already used to seeing branded cups, with company logos and slogans to the point that they no longer notice them. Their brains are already self-programmed to ignore whatever is printed on the cups. But we are here to offer you an innovative and modern solution that guarantees that it will awaken the brain of your potential client and will attract their attention. We present to you Lenticular Cups!

The Benefits of Lenticular Cups

Unique experience
Lenticular cups come with benefits that ordinary personalized cups do not have. They can present your lenticular message in places where no other marketing tool can be found. Having modern and unique cups as a marketing tool is a proven way that will create unique and lasting impressions on your customers. 

Creative Branding
People pay attention to what they drink from, so why not take a creative approach and brand your business in a creative and bold way. Take your advertising to the next level by putting your message on an item that is utilized by everyone.

Spark Interest 
Spark interesting conversation and intrigue amongst customers by creating this new and unique marketing presentation technology combined with a lot of creativity. Since these lenticular cups will serve as a conversation starter, this brings an insightful advertisement and multiplied exposure for the brand.

Ensure long-lasting imprint
Using our lenticular cups will ensure that your branding, logo, and message will stand the test of time and stick around through the years. The high-quality technology will stand up to various conditions, providing you a lasting imprint that will serve your marketing needs.

Why Choose Our Lenticular Cups?

We will offer our expertise as you design your lenticular images – to help you decide what images/flips will work well to achieve the maximum impact of your lenticular cups. 

Each project has its own unique image combinations that need to be analyzed to maximize the desired lenticular effect.

Our Toronto location has us in a great location to ship across Canada and throughout the United States. We ship to the United States regularly, without any customs or cross-border shipping issues.

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