Lenticular Image Printing

Lenticular Image Printing

Lenticular Image Printing

An example of custom lenticular printingWant proof that Lenticular Image Printing works to increase marketing effectiveness? We produced a 12-page brochure for a car company that needed to grab consumers’ attention. We tipped an 8-image flip lenticular card to the front cover that showed the Northern Lights flickering on and off the vehicle as you tilted the brochure back and forth – it was a natural reaction to flip the image countless times to see the stars and sky shimmering and reflecting on the vehicle, watching the image change!

Anything that you can do to engage your consumer to spend more time with your marketing piece will inevitably lead to higher response rates.

Result: This mailing of 70,000 pieces produced a 13% response rate.

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“The lenticular-based direct mail piece generated a 13% response rate. Everyone is very pleased”

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