Lenticular Printing in Los Angeles!

Lenticular Printing in Los Angeles!

This was certainly a motion Lenticular!

We placed a lenticular mural on both sides of a Double-Decker bus that drove around Los Angeles for a month! We had 3 areas of the graphics in motion with images flipping, and a static background and logos. Whether people walked past the bus while it was stopped, or the bus drove past them – in both directions – people would see the graphics moving and be intrigued with the animation.

We tiled 24 lenticular panels to completely cover each side of the bus…we applied full adhesive-backing to each panel, which enabled the lenticular graphic to be applied on top of the previous vinyl wrap, making it easy to remove when the 4 weeks were over.

Effect: The more that people are intrigued and engaged with the images, the more they internalize the marketing message.


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