What is a 3D image?

What is a 3D image?

A 3D lenticular image gives the illusion of depth in the printed piece.
Envision a thick ‘shadow box’ for the image, where we position the various elements in the foreground, background and middle-ground of the image. To do this, we need to be have a fully layered image where we can access each element, in order to place it appropriately to accomplish the desired depth effect. This lenticular effect is best accomplished with many elements in the image that can be placed in the foreground and in the background, enabling the middle-ground images to stand out. You will want to avoid large blocks of solid tints, as you will accomplish a better 3D effect better with busy, textured elements / images.

What people say

“The lenticular-based direct mail piece generated a 13% response rate. Everyone is very pleased.” – Direct mail ad agency

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